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Re: deleting/updating templates,pods,services,rc


It seems that there are no way to deleting/updating them via webconsle at this moment.
And it looks WIP now:


I think if you want to run these operation, you need to use CLI rather than webconsole.


I hope this helps you.


On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 1:07 PM, green krypton <greenkrypton93 gmail com> wrote:
Hello All,
                 How can i remove a template from openshift namespace along with all the pods and services created from that.

oc v1.0.3-2-g15952fc
kubernetes v1.0.0

i have given wrong port for the application in the template and because of that HA proxy shows all containers as down as it dont listen on those ports.Is there a way to either update template and replace existing pod based on old template to changed template or remove existing template along with all its running pods,services and rc?

I don't find any option to stop/remove pods in the GUI  any plan to add these features?

Thanks for any help

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