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Re: OpenShift 3 Application Lifecycle Sample: Build of frontend fails

can you track down the builder container ("docker ps -a | grep origin-sti-builder") and see if you can run a "docker logs <containerid>" to get some details?

Also i'm not sure what you mean by this "When I'm trying a docker build (from s2I) it also fails with the same error.", s2i builds and docker builds are mutually exclusive (without getting into internal details and edge cases, anyway)

On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 3:59 PM, Lorenz Vanthillo <lorenz vanthillo outlook com> wrote:
I have OpenShift V3 installed with ansible. I have master with 2 nodes. I tried to create the 'OpenShift 3 Application Lifecycle Sample'. (I already did it on a project where OpenShift was running in a Docker container and it worked fine). Now it fails with the following error:
Couldn't create initial deployment: DeploymentConfig "frontend" is invalid: triggers[0].imageChange.tag: invalid value 'latest', Details: no image recorded for test/origin-ruby-sample:latest
The build fails so there isn't a deployment. There aren't build-logs because it looks there was no build. I thought the problem was accessing Docker Hub to get the image but I'm able to login on Docker from my console + I can pull the ruby-20-centos7-image manually.
The build+deploy of the database works fine. I have just the same problem with my cake-php-mysql-example. The database is also fine but the frontend fails with the same error. Even the cake-php example without database is failing. But it all works fine when I'm doing a s2i-build of a php-project in a gitrepo.
When I'm trying a docker build (from s2I) it also fails with the same error. So when I'm trying to create a docker image from a docker file (nginx in my case).
I don't know if it's useful to show the logs of the docker registry because I would think it wouldn't go till the docker registry because the error is much earlier. When I'm searching on appnames in the registry I don't find them so no logs.

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