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Re: Fabric8 Installation:

Did you start openshift with the following options:

--listen= --public-master=https://<external IP>

I have seen the similar symptoms where the server has more than one
network interface and is mapping some services to inaccessible internal
IP addresses.

Also be aware that some services (like the router) are unable to bind to
privileged ports, so you have to use port 8443 and remap to 443
externally, if required.


On 15/10/2015 17:56, MA2412 gmx de wrote:
> Hello!
> I am running an openshift v1.0.6 installation and i am trying to install
> fabric8. I tried several installation methods i found in the internet
> but non of them word. For example unning the gofabric8 installer
> completes without error messages and "gofabrics8 validate" returns no
> errors. When i open the fabrics8 login page it redirects me to the
> openshift login page, i enter my cluster admin credentials (htaccess
> user with cluster-admin rights) and after that i see some "forbidden"
> errors in Firebug. Then i am redirected to the openshift loginpage again.
> I am sorry, while i am writing this maillist entry i do not have access
> to openshift, so i cannot post exact error logs, but it would be
> interesting to know if the gofabrics8 installer work without problems on
> your openshift cluster.
> Since all installation methods have the same issues i guess it is a
> permission problem in openshift, but i do not know how to fix it, i
> cannot find a solution on the internet. I tried Firefox an Chrome, both
> browsers fail to login.
> I tried the following:
> http://fabric8.io/guide/fabric8OnOpenShift.html#console
> http://fabric8.io/guide/getStarted/apps.html#console   (tried with
> latest "2.2.49" version)
> http://fabric8.io/guide/getStarted/openshift.html (gofabric8)
> May it is an oauth issue, but i am not familiar with oauth :(

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