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New way to track OpenShift features/releases

Hi Everyone,

  We wanted to make all of you aware of a few improvements we made to our planning tools based on our Trello boards (https://trello.com/atomicopenshift).  We now have a new page:


That shows a releases based view of what's happening in our Trello boards.  It includes versions (Ex: 3.2) and three additional concepts:

- proposed - Indicates a feature is requested for Product Management and Engineering to consider for a particular release.

- targeted - Indicates a feature is/will be worked on for a particular release.  But we can't yet guarantee it will be delivered due to priority/complexity/etc.

- committed - Indicates a feature has been committed to plan for a particular release.

This release info also shows up in roadmap epics as separate checklists. Ex:


And they also show up in the roadmap overview in the release column:


Hopefully this is all helpful and makes sense.  Let us know if you have questions or comments.


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