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can't create application with image from internat repository

I have a project inimage with a service 'oef'. It's a working application which is just running a githubrepo with php-code.
So a new image is created for this application and saved in the docker registry (I read this). When I'm accessing my docker container of my
docker repository, I can see this project:

$ docker exec -it 4399e0dc48fb bash #id of container
$ cd /registry/docker/registry/v2/repositories/inimage/oef/

Let's watch the images
$ docker images
REPOSITORY                                   TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE                latest              6a8652a75144        6 minutes ago       537.2 MB                <none>              6a8652a75144        6 minutes ago       537.2 MB
docker.io/wordpress                          latest              0187289071b8        33 hours ago        512.3 MB

So now I'm creating a new project with the image of my registry
$ oc new project test
$ oc new application
I1022 12:14:47.655999   14724 newapp.go:357] Image "" is a builder, so a repository will be expected unless you also specify --strategy=docker
Service "oef" created at with port mappings 8080.
Run 'oc status' to view your app.

But there is no pod created, so no new container.

This is the error in my webconsole:
Couldn't create initial deployment: DeploymentConfig "oef" is invalid: triggers[1].imageChange.tag: invalid value 'latest', Details: no image recorded for vb/oef:latest

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