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Re: Wildcard DNS

You will need to influence your host look ups with /etc/resolv.conf not /etc/hosts. You might look into dnsmasq.

A short-term workaround would be to put multiple names on the same line in /etc/hosts..

----- On Oct 26, 2015, at 7:59 AM, Lorenz Vanthillo <lorenz vanthillo outlook com> wrote:
I have a router and routes to my apps but I can only access one application each time.
So /etc/hosts on my local real machine looks like this:

# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.
##       localhost broadcasthost
::1             localhost

#I can access one of this because the IP is the same
# jenkins.apps.evolane.com
# myphp.apps.evolane.com
# sample.apps.evolane.com
# ruby.apps.evolane.com
# wordpress.apps.evolane.com
# influxdb.apps.evolane.com grafana.apps.evolane.com
# test.apps.evolane.com
# sample.apps.evolane.com

In this configuration above I can only access : grafana.apps.evolane.com. So I have to switch every time.
Now I want some configuration to make it possible that I can access them all at the same time.
I read about DNS wildcard. This will look like this for me. But where do I have to place it.

*.apps.evolane.com 300 IN A

I've set it in my /etc/hosts on my real local machine but it was not working.

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