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Re: How to set up dnsmasq?


I think you might be confused on some things. I assume you
own/administrate the apps.evolane.com (or evolane.com) domain and want
to access your cluster's routes not only to your desktop but every host
(public dns).

What you might want is to add the wildcard entry _to your dns providers
domain config_. (I am pretty sure you are not running you own public
nameserver but your DNS is managed externally.) 

Regarding your specific problems, see below. I am pretty sure you want
to follow the advice above though.

> So dnsmasq is already installed. I read it's running on port 53. There is my first issue:
> tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      50009/openshift 

That's on nodes in your cluster. Openshift includes their own nameserver
to use _inside_ of the cluster. You are not supposed to run a different
nameserver on the same host (although that's possible when binding to
specific addresses).

You might want to run dnsmasq _on your desktop_. There shouldn't be
another dns server running there. To configure it you will find plenty
of tutorials in the web.

Or you might just configure /etc/hosts. See the other mails regarding
configuring multiple aliases for ip addresses, but in short:

my.ip.add.ress  one.example.com two.example.com three.example.com #[...]

 Tobias Florek

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