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RE: Repository <none> for docker image

It still gives me something like this:

<none>                                          <none>              <none>                                                                    a1498473cc4b        12 days ago         393 MB

But 'oc get images' gives a fine output. unfortunately, the 'docker images'-command don't.

It's showing:
172.30.xx.xx:5000/test/test1                    latest              0fc907310ef7        2 weeks ago         504 MB

When I create an s2i-app which is pushed automatically to the registry.

But docker images shows it this way:
<none>                                          <none>              a1498473cc4b        12 days ago         393 MB

When I show images which I've pushed from OpenShift registry on cluster1 tot the OpenShift registry on cluster2.
It is possible to create apps from the 'new image stream' which is created after importing the images in registry on cluster2.

Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 10:55:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Repository <none> for docker image
From: agoldste redhat com
To: maszulik redhat com
CC: lorenz vanthillo outlook com; users lists openshift redhat com

Try docker images --digests

On Friday, March 25, 2016, Maciej Szulik <maszulik redhat com> wrote:

On 03/25/2016 01:27 PM, Lorenz Vanthillo wrote:
We have 2 environments (OpenShift Origin 1.1.3 cluster). Development and test.
In Development we have a Jenkins CI which creates our images and pushes to our
OpenShift registry.

We have one Jenkins Job which is pulling the image from that registry. The job
tags the image on registry.dev.xxx.com:443/project-hello/image.
After that it pushes the image over https to the secure registry of our Dev
When I enter project-hello I have an image stream:
172.30.xx.xx:5000/project-hello/image. So that works fine. I'm albe to deploy
the image.

The whole flow is fine but when I perform:
$ docker images:
<none>                                      <none>              def2fed60xxx
         3 days ago          367.3 MB
<none>                                      <none>              aeb73c022xxx
         3 days ago          382.4 MB
<none>                                      <none>              e448569c1xxx
         3 days ago          383.3 MB

$ oc get images gives me:

sha256:xxx   172.30.xx.xx:5000/project-hello/image-name sha256:xxx
sha256:xxx   172.30.xx.xx:5000/test-bluepond/other-image-name sha256:xxx

What is the 'oc get images' command actually showing? Are these all the
available image-streams in your environment?
And maybe more important: why are we getting <none> for repository and <none>
for tag?

I'm little confused with what you wrote. `oc get images` shows so called
ImageStreamImage objects which describe imported image metadata. If you
try `oc get image sha256:xxx -o yaml` you should see all that metadata.
Having said that, the question you're posting relates to `docker images`
command, I think, and has nothing to do with openshift CLI.
Can you restate your question, it looks like I'm missing here something?


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