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Re: oc new-app says "network is unreachable" when using images from the registry - but telnet works

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 11:44 AM, v <vekt0r7 gmx net> wrote:


we have upgraded to OS 1.1.4 and we are getting the following error message when using oc new-app to start an app which uses an image from our registry:

oc new-app
error: can't look up Docker image "": Internal error occurred: Get dial tcp network is unreachable
error: no match for ""

Howerver, the following things work:
-oc new-app with an image from docker.io
-pushing to the registry (docker login, docker push)
-telnet 5000 works from all nodes

This is a very weird error because telnet works. And the error only started appearing after the upgrade. Any help would be highly appreciated.

​do you have any http_proxy/https_proxy env variables configured?



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