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origin-1.1.6 and docker-1.9.1-25.1.origin RPMs available

As some of you may have encountered docker-1.9.1-25 that landed in
Centos 7 a few days ago had a `Conflicts: origin < 1.2` added to the
package. I've rebuilt docker-1.9.1-25 removing that Conflicts so you
should have no problems installing Origin 1.1.6 and Docker 1.9.1 from
the origin-next COPR repo which is used by the ansible installer.

Please ensure your yum cache is updated, `yum clean expire-cache`, and
that you're using the latest installer. If you're still running into
problems please comment on this github issue

The Conflicts: origin < 1.2 was meant to avoid a performance in
docker-1.9.1 that's especially problematic when interacting with kube
1.1. Origin 1.1.6 is based on the latest kube 1.2 code and doesn't
exhibit those problems.


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