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memory.limit_in_bytes: invalid argument: Docker 1.9.1

I have a 1.1.3 cluster of OpenShift origin. initially I had 1 master and 2 nodes.
docker version here is 1.8.2
Now I've added one addition infra node (docker version 1.9.1).
Everything seemed to work fine. It's able to pull from my registry. The containers (started by image-streams) also started on the infra node.
But when I try to perform an oc new-app (to build) it fails. (it only fails on my infra node):

log in webapp
Error syncing pod, skipping: failed to "TeardownNetwork" for "bluegreen-1-build_test2" with TeardownNetworkError: "Failed to teardown network for pod \"78a3ee3d-ffc3-11e5-8cc8-063a4b8395a3\" using network plugins \"redhat/openshift-ovs-subnet\": exit status 1"

logs of build
I0411 08:57:56.492967 1 fs.go:156] Removing directory '/tmp/s2i-build045170195'
F0411 08:57:56.502960 1 builder.go:204] Error: build error: API error (500): Cannot start container 19a8d4a8307f4723c1c2e95de4b59f2c48503115add47a7ff80b41d1ceca814c: [8] System error: write /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/system.slice/docker-19a8d4a8307f4723c1c2e95de4b59f2c48503115add47a7ff80b41d1ceca814c.scope/memory.limit_in_bytes: invalid argument

Initial log about memory:
Running build with cgroup limits: api.CGroupLimits{MemoryLimitBytes:9223372036854775807, CPUShares:2, CPUPeriod:100000, CPUQuota:-1, MemorySwap:9223372036854775807}

This are the same values as when I perform oc new-app on one of the inital nodes. There it works.
What could be the issue?

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