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Re: OpenShift version 1.1.6


This repo is indeed separate from all things origin. If you run this 3 months from now on a brand new cluster, it’ll pull the latest version of openshift available.

In order to pin the version of openshift that is installed you could throw this in your inventory file:


If, however, you run the openshift installer on the same cluster three months from now, assuming all is well, it will not proceed to rebuild the cluster using a differing version of openshift.

John Skarbek

On April 12, 2016 at 02:20:13, Den Cowboy (dencowboy hotmail com) wrote:


We have a POC environment of Origin 1.1.6
We've pulled the ansible repo and created it. Now is my question:
Is this an independent repository (so when we will create a new cluster in 3 moths, will it still be version 1.1.6?) or does it use external resources (which aren't in the repo) which could effect the expected version of the cluster?
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