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openshift docker install; webconsole binds to false interface

Hi all

I have been testing openshift installation but I stumbled over the following problem.

I use a centos 7 server with the several nics configured; e.g.
docker0, vnet1, vnet2, virbr0, virbr1, em1 etc.

When I follow the docker installation process noted at
all the process of installation goes well. But when I am trying to open the web console on
I got an error with 'connection refused'.

I tried to forward the port 8443 from the container with '-p 8443:8443' on starting the docker container
and I got access to the console BUT there happens a redirect and the browser is trying to load:
This is the virbr0 bridge adapter.

Is there a way to set the proper interface for binding of the webconsole with the docker install method?
Does anyone have similar problems?

Thanks for comments :)



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