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Re: making deployment easier

Candide Kemmler wrote on 04/13/2016 10:53 AM:
My application is made up of several modules and jar dependencies (you guessed it, it's written in java). I have a complex setup involving a nexus repo and jenkins. To deploy one of the services that make up my app, I first have to build jar dependencies so they are available on my local repo. Then I am able to call start-build for any pod...

So this works, it's just really cumbersome.

The one thing that really bothers me is that the initial setup is really complicated. I have tried using templates, but there are timing issues and so to play it safe I have every service in my system split up in two different scripts, one with the ImageStream, BuildConfig and DeploymentConfig and the other with the Service definition and optional Route. If I put all objects in the same templates, things don't work correctly. Mind, I have 5 such services, so that means that deployment has me go the he command line 10 times. Plus I have other dependencies (mysql and couchdb) so that's something else I need to deploy manually.

I might not be able to help a lot with your specific issues, but could you explain more about them and possibly include some relevant logs?

From your email it is not clear what exactly issues you're hitting.
With a more detailed explanation and specific examples, it is much more likely to receive a helpful answer.

What I'm looking for is a way to package my entire app (that's 7 different pods) in one go.

The end goal is to make it available on Openshift Online. Updates to the app have to be automatic, reliable and fast.

Do you guys have any advice, pointers, etc?

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