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Re: making deployment easier

Candide Kemmler wrote on 04/13/2016 12:12 PM:
Hi Aleksandar,

I might not be able to help a lot with your specific issues, but could you explain more about them and possibly include some relevant logs?

 From your email it is not clear what exactly issues you're hitting.
With a more detailed explanation and specific examples, it is much more likely to receive a helpful answer.

I'm not hitting an "issue" per se, I'm looking for a guide on how to package a complex setup made of multiple microservices in a way that makes it easy to deploy them at once on Openshift Online as well as easy to update.

For me personally, I would like for instance to be able to spin up many instances of my services at will, but doing so requires at least a couple hours of hard work each time.

In your original message you said, you're hitting timing issues when using a template with everything inside. Can you explain what exactly those issues were?

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