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Re: making deployment easier

So I am now trying to "do it again", but it takes time as I'm really careful how I'm specifying things, so excuse my slowness to respond.

So I need to have both mysql and couchdb available for other services to boot up correctly. Hence in my template I have 5 objects for each:
- a persistent volume
- a persistent volume claim
- a deployment config
- a service and
- a route.

After executing my template, mysql is properly deployed while couchdb is not. The yamls for both services are however extremely similar.

I can easily deploy couchdb manually but the rest of my template will fail because couchdb is a requirement...

> On 13 Apr 2016, at 11:27, Aleksandar Kostadinov <akostadi redhat com> wrote:
> Candide Kemmler wrote on 04/13/2016 12:12 PM:
>> Hi Aleksandar,
>>> I might not be able to help a lot with your specific issues, but could you explain more about them and possibly include some relevant logs?
>>> From your email it is not clear what exactly issues you're hitting.
>>> With a more detailed explanation and specific examples, it is much more likely to receive a helpful answer.
>> I'm not hitting an "issue" per se, I'm looking for a guide on how to package a complex setup made of multiple microservices in a way that makes it easy to deploy them at once on Openshift Online as well as easy to update.
>> For me personally, I would like for instance to be able to spin up many instances of my services at will, but doing so requires at least a couple hours of hard work each time.
> In your original message you said, you're hitting timing issues when using a template with everything inside. Can you explain what exactly those issues were?

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