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Re: Secure route Origin 1.1.6


Please refer about doc for detail.

If you want to use the passthrough route, you do not need to copy your certs to the route.
Just make sure your service points to the secured https port and your route connects to the correct service.

On 04/13/2016 09:25 PM, Den Cowboy wrote:
I have a docker container which is communicating on port 80 with another server.
So it's using http and its an insecure route.

Now we're going to use https (443). The other server has a certificate (.jks).
How do I have to settle this? I have to create a secure route but which type?
- passthrough
- edge
- re-encrypt

Do I have to convert his .jks to .pem and copy it in my route?

I read this about passthrough:
The destination pod is responsible for serving certificates for the traffic at the endpoint.
So can I just create a passthrough route and that's it? Because that did not seem to work.

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