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Re: ...user that is numeric and within the range...

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 9:36 AM, Candide Kemmler <candide intrinsic world> wrote:
I'm confused by the following message that happens during a build:

Build error: image " sha256:2057c3057d1d44eb43065bb04feabb480b19772be2005ede1be87ad4eb21b76a" must specify a user that is numeric and within the range of allowed users

This happens on an image that I have customized from jboss-webserver-3/webserver30-tomcat7-openshift:1.2

My Dockerfile is as follows:

FROM registry.access.redhat.com/jboss-webserver-3/webserver30-tomcat7-openshift:1.2
RUN mkdir /home/jboss/flx
COPY GeoLiteCity.dat /home/jboss/flx/
USER root
RUN chmod 777 /home/jboss/flx/GeoLiteCity.dat

​by default openshift refuses to run s2i builder images that specify a non-numeric user id, and root is particularly bad (because the builder image is going to run as that user).

If you look at our s2i builder images, you'll see they all specify a numeric USER at the end of the dockerfile:


Note that the assemble script will run as that USER, so you need to ensure you've setup the permissions in the image appropriately. (ie in that example you see we setup permissions for uid 1001).


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