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Re: ansible masters&nodes

On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 4:20 PM, Candide Kemmler <candide intrinsic world> wrote:
I'm a bit confused about how to configure masters & nodes in ansible hosts:

I have a master @ paas.example.com and a node at node1.example.com

I want my apps to be accessible from the outside world @ apps.example.com

Is it correct to assume that node1.example.com will never be exposed by openshift routes to the outside world?

The default subdomain is exposed through the OpenShift router and a wildcard DNS entry for *.apps.example.com would need to be created to point to the router instance (or a load balancer containing the router instances).

See https://docs.openshift.org/latest/architecture/core_concepts/routes.html for more information on how the routing layer works.

Also see https://docs.openshift.org/latest/install_config/install/deploy_router.html for how to deploy the router.

So I have the following relevant information in ansible hosts:


# Set variables common for all OSEv3 hosts

# default subdomain to use for exposed routes


# host group for masters
paas.example.com openshift_hostname=paas.example.com openshift_public_hostname=paas.example.com

# host group for nodes
node1.example.com openshift_hostname=node1.example.com openshift_public_hostname=node1.example.com

Your master should be listed under here as well. We currently require that the master also be a node (to be a member of the SDN network), by default openshift-ansible will make the node on the master host unschedulable to avoid pods being scheduled there.

Is it correct?

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Jason DeTiberus

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