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Best way to delete images (local and in registry)

I'm searching for the best way to delete unused docker images in my cluster.
Because we're rebuilding images + pushing them to the registry.

When we perform
docker images -q |xargs docker rmi

We get:
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
<none>              <none>              0fd6f6a7d8fb        6 days ago          660.1 MB
<none>              <none>              cdcb32f9b621        2 weeks ago         743.2 MB
<none>              <none>              9df362e36242        2 weeks ago         794 MB
<none>              <none>              67de4dbed60e        2 weeks ago         704 MB
<none>              <none>              999e0047a070        2 weeks ago         543.6 MB

But oc get images gave us:
NAME                                                                      DOCKER REF
sha256:01af138b9733099404647a8d8f0a2a4b3f17c3428bd3adac84cbf952dd41ba2b   172.30.xx.xx:5000/dev-bluepond/dbm-bluepond sha256:01af138b9733099404647a8d8f0a2a4b3f17c3428bd3adac84cbf952dd41ba2b
sha256:0404ab93a5a48fbf068c88c2f06a473db171be88ae16a493dcf8dc43d946a177   docker.io/openshift/origin-logging-kibana sha256:0404ab93a5a48fbf068c88c2f06a473db171be88ae16a493dcf8dc43d946a177
sha256:060242e91078b3c1eed98451ca9d1b01435e82ad9c27fc9f5d2dde08e7911ca8   openshift/mysql-55-centos7 sha256:060242e91078b3c1eed98451ca9d1b01435e82ad9c27fc9f5d2dde08e7911ca8
sha256:07e86077bd1a9706c2869d7a85ea3c2d1c7eb2f95b141c4662b212827b2745f1   openshift/python-33-centos7 sha256:07e86077bd1a9706c2869d7a85ea3c2d1c7eb2f95b141c4662b212827b2745f1

Is this fine?

And what's the best way to delete old images out of the registry?

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