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Using a Jenkins Slave in openshift


I have a project configured in jenkins container(thanks to Ben Parees for suggesting s2i, it works like a charm) running on openshiift which I need to test every time there is a pull request from github.

And we are planning to run those test cases on a separate node, since the environment is ideal for testing.
I was following this blog by Siamak Sadeghianfar which seems to do exactly the thing which I'm expecting it to do.


Now whenever I try creating the slave image from the UI, I get an error saying:

"build failed 44 hours ago - 29d91a3: added metadata to Dockerfile (Siamak Sadeghianfar <ssadeghi redhat com>)"

"bc/jenkins is pushing to imagestreamtag/jenkins:latest that is using is/jenkins, but that image stream does not exist"

I can see the docker image :-> <local-ip>:5000/jenkinstin2/jenkins without any tags.

What have I messed up here?

And what should be the repository URL for this jenkins-slave-builder, I tried giving my github project url and also the sample jenkins-s2i-example.git url, both end up giving the same error.

Also I got the master image running, but apparently the configuration doesn't have the one field it certainly needs to have...
Restrict where this project can be run

Is this a bug of some sort?
Thanks & Regards,

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