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configuring periodic import of images

So I have an image imported from an external private docker registry. I'm able to deploy an application from this imagestream. It's configured for periodic import:

[root os-master ~]# oc describe is testwebapp
Name:                   testwebapp
Created:                6 hours ago
Labels:                 <none>
Annotations:            openshift.io/image.dockerRepositoryCheck=2016-08-11T13:02:27Z
Docker Pull Spec:

Tag     Spec                                                    Created         PullSpec                                                                Image
latest  docker-lab.example.com:5000/testwebapp:latest *        6 hours ago     docker-lab.example.com:5000/testwebapp sha256:c1c8c6c3e1c672...        <same>

  * tag is scheduled for periodic import
  ! tag is insecure and can be imported over HTTP or self-signed HTTPS

However it doesn't seem to be pulling down the latest image. I have updated and pushed that several times, but it doesn't seem to be pulling the latest. I've done a deploy of the application several times with the --latest flag, but the updates never show up in the pods. The documentation mentions that the period that it is polled is configured at a global system level, but doesn't seem to mention where that is.

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