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Re: Hybrid Cloud Hostname Issues (AWS, Co-Lo)

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 4:17 AM, Frank Liauw <frank vsee com> wrote:
Hi All, 

I have a 5 node Openshift cluster split across 2 AZs; our colocation center and AWS, with a master in each AZ and the rest being nodes. 

We setup our cluster with the Ansible script, and somewhere during the setup, the EC2 instance's private hostname were picked up and registered as node names of the nodes in AWS, which is a bit annoying as that deviates from our hostname conventions and is rather difficult to read, and it's not something that can be changed post setup. 

It didn't help that parts of the admin operations seem to be using the EC2 instance's private hostname, so I get errors like this: 

Scheduling system related pods on the AWS instances works (router, fluentd), though any build pods that lands up on EC2s never gets built, and just eventually times out; my suspicion is that the build process monitors depends on the hostname which can't be reached from our colocation center master (which we use as a primary), and hence breaks. 

I'm unable to find much detail on this behaviour. 

1. Can we manually change the hostname of certain nodes? 

The nodeName value overrides this, however if you are relying on cloud provider integration there are limitations, see below.

2. How do we avoid registering EC2 nodes with their private hostnames? 

f you are willing to give up the native cloud provider integration (ability to leverage EBS volumes as PVs), then you can override this using the openshift_hostname variable when installing the cluster. At least as of Kubernetes/Origin 1.2, the nodeName value in the node config needed to match the private dns name of the host.

Jason DeTiberus

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