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Re: oc get route

Hi there,

For development/test purposes, I think "oc cluster up" is the easiest way to get a cluster running. It simply requires a running docker daemon (and access to the docker socket, so you either need to be root or your user added to the "docker" group).  There's a demonstration here: https://asciinema.org/a/49402

Simply download and export our openshift client (oc binary) from the releases page: https://github.com/openshift/origin/releases - extract and run "oc cluster up", it should take care of the rest. You will need to adjust your Docker config (e.g. /etc/sysconfig/docker file) but the "oc cluster up" command will check and return an error if this isn't done.

This will allow you to try out the latest and greatest features from OpenShift Origin :)


On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 11:26 AM, Sco <spamboxy1 gmail com> wrote:
Have been trying to get a working version of Openshift M5 up and running, and have been running into trouble.
The ansible installer runs through with no errors, can login and create app's but cannot get to them. I can see the traffic hit the master but the browser only gets a refused to connect.
oc get route  comes back with nothing.
docker ps on the node does show that haproxy router is running.

Any ideas on where to look?

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