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Re: oc get route

If you ssh to the host machine with the router container, and try to curl https://HOST_IP:80, do you get a response from the server?  What about curling that same address from another machine?  If not, generally that's firewall rules in play (or perhaps the router process is binding to the wrong ports).

Your DNS wildcard is resolving to the router host IP, correct? 

On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 1:02 PM, Sco <spamboxy1 gmail com> wrote:
Unfortunately oc cluster up is not a solution that provides sufficient evaluation capability for our use. 

--all-namespaces returns:

#oc get routes --all-namespaces

NAMESPACE   NAME                       HOST/PORT                                                   PATH      SERVICE                    TERMINATION   LABELS

test        cakephp-mysql-example      cakephp-mysql-example.oso5-apps.partshop.lab24.co                     cakephp-mysql-example                    template=cakephp-mysql-example

test        rails-postgresql-example   rails-postgresql-example-test.oso5-apps.partshop.lab24.co             rails-postgresql-example                 template=rails-postgresql-example

Also I redirected DNS traffic to the node and confirmed it was getting there on port 53 with tcpdump but still no joy.
If I curl the cakephp-mysql-example apps 172 address on the node or the master they work.

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