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origin master native HA setup

I'm working on an origin master native HA setup

The docs say : The advanced installation method does not currently support multiple HAProxy load balancers in an active-passive setup.

1) Doesn't that mean that the load balancer would be a single point of failure ?

2) is it just the installation method that doesn't support installing multiple instances? I.e. I presume I can setup my own redundant ha proxy load banalcers and point them all to the three master nodes ?

3) what is the difference between openshift_master_cluster_hostname and openshift_master_cluster_public_hostname. Am I right in saying that the nodes will resolve the master api via openshift_master_cluster_hostname and the openshift_master_cluster_public_hostname is for things like the oc client tool ?

4) is there a way to get the masters to listen on a different port ?

5) say I run 3 masters. If I connect to a passive master port 8443, will it proxy traffic to the active master ? Or will it respond with a failing health check so that the loadbalancer takes it out of service ?



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