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Re: Creating new-app from image in openshift repository

John Skarbek

On December 2, 2016 at 07:02:18, Thomas Diesler (tdiesler redhat com) wrote:

On 02 Dec 2016, at 12:57, Skarbek, John <John Skarbek ca com> wrote:

On December 2, 2016 at 05:01:52, Thomas Diesler (tdiesler redhat com) wrote:

I have a scenario where a maven build creates an image and pushes this to the local openshift docker repository. I’m then trying to use `oc new-app …` to create an application from that image. This fails because the image cannot be found on docker hub. 

Is there a way to tell openshift to also look in it local repository where the image exists already? 

Indeed!  From the help docs, you should run new-app like this:

  # Use a MySQL image in a private registry to create an app and override application artifacts' names

  oc new-app --docker-image=myregistry.com/mycompany/mysql

I have the image in my local openshift registry already

[ec2-user ip-172-30-0-66 wildfly-camel]$ docker images
REPOSITORY                         TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
wildflyext/wildfly-camel           latest              b0a354ce295d        15 hours ago        1.06 GB
jboss/wildfly                      10.1.0.Final        071c4a43ead0        13 days ago         582.6 MB
openshift/origin-deployer          v1.3.0              5bf464732ca8        11 weeks ago        487.1 MB
openshift/origin-docker-registry   v1.3.0              59d447094a3c        11 weeks ago        345.5 MB
openshift/origin-haproxy-router    v1.3.0              e33d4e33dffb        11 weeks ago        506.2 MB
openshift/origin                   v1.3.0              7b24611e640f        11 weeks ago        487.1 MB
openshift/origin-pod               v1.3.0              35873f68181d        11 weeks ago        1.591 MB

I would like `oc new-app wildflyext/wildfly-camel` to use that image and not go to hub.docker.com

Openshift needs to talk to a registry in order to build an appropriate deployment configuration or image stream.  If you have built your image and it's pushed to the openshift docker registry, then you can utilize the service ip or an exposed route pointed to that openshift registry.  

It's not possible take an image that's built locally and pass it into openshift.  An image stream would be missing critical information preventing them from having a way to pull down the image and start the container.  The screenshot you provided doesn't provide proof that you've pushed the image into any docker registry.

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