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Re: authentication for oadm prune in cron job

Were executing our prune commands with:

oadm prune images --keep-tag-revisions=20 --certificate-authority=/etc/docker/certs.d/service-ip-registy:5000/ca.crt --registry-url="" --confirm

The real problem for our cron-jobs is the authentication on openshift itself (before we can execute oadm). Do we really need to put oc login -u myuser .. + define the passwd hardcoded in our cronjob? 

Van: Clayton Coleman <ccoleman redhat com>
Verzonden: maandag 5 december 2016 20:38:49
Aan: Srinivas Naga Kotaru (skotaru)
CC: Den Cowboy; users lists openshift redhat com
Onderwerp: Re: authentication for oadm prune in cron job
Prune has to connect to your registry server directly to delete blobs, and the registry does not support certificate based auth.  The most consistent path would be to use a service account that had the appropriate permissions and get its token with "oc serviceaccounts get-token".

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 3:08 PM, Srinivas Naga Kotaru (skotaru) <skotaru cisco com> wrote:

Am also interested to know the answer.


Am thinking we don’t need token for oadm command since it doesn’t use tokens or oauth based authentication. Since it is installed with root privileges, we are using sudo oadm command to executive commands.


# sudo oadm prune builds --orphans --confirm

NAMESPACE             NAME

java-hello-universe   os-sample-java-web-1

upgrade               upgrade-1

sujchinncae-test      django-1


We’re not running internal registry for builds. Am not sure we still need to run prune operations in this scanario.



Srinivas Kotaru


From: <users-bounces lists openshift.redhat.com> on behalf of Den Cowboy <dencowboy hotmail com>
Date: Monday, December 5, 2016 at 12:37 AM
To: "users lists openshift redhat com" <users lists openshift redhat com>
Subject: authentication for oadm prune in cron job


We are able to delete old deployments + old images (also inside the registry) with our oadm prune commands.
We want to put this in cronjobs. But to perform oadm commands we need to be authenticated. Which is the best way to authenticate in a cron job?

At the moment we have 1 admin account (with cluster-admin permissions) + we have the system:admin account.

Do we need a new account (or service account) for our cronjobs and which permission would we need?



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