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Re: OpenShift origin cluster in VLAN

Each master still needs an IP registered that then backs the Kubernetes service that clients use to talk to the API.  So verify that each master is reporting the correct IP that is reachable from all nodes to "oc get endpoints kubernetes -n defaults"

On Dec 7, 2016, at 9:39 AM, Den Cowboy <dencowboy hotmail com> wrote:

We've installed OpenShift origin with the advanced playbook. There we used public ip's. But after the installation we've deleted the public ip's. The master and nodes are in a VLAN. I'm able to create a user, authenticate, visite the webconsole. restart node, master configs. I'm able to pull images from our local registry but I'm not able to do a deployment.

couldn't get deployment default/router-5: Get dial tcp getsockopt: network is unreachable

I'm even not able to curl the kubernetes service. What did we forgot/did wrong?

In our configs the dnsIP: option is in comment. So we did not specifiy it. The docker, origin-node, origin-master and openvswitch services are all running.

Logs of our origin-node show:
pkg/proxy/config/api.go:60: Failed to watch *api.Endpoints: Get https://master.xxx...ction refused
pkg/kubelet/kubelet.go:259: Failed to watch *api.Node: Get https://master.xxx:8443/..
pkg/kubelet/config/apiserver.go:43: Failed to watch *api.Pod
pkg/proxy/config/api.go:47: Failed to watch *api.Service: Get https://master.xxx refused

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