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RE: Best way to use oc client



I use oc from a utility server that’s not part of the cluster, which any developer can access.  We keep oadm on a master openshift host, which is only accessible by openshift admins.  I don’t believe oc needs access to the kube config, or at least haven’t hit any commands for it yet. Oadm does though which is why we keep it on the master.



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I’m a fan limiting interactions with the cluster using specific roles and users to help with auditing purposes. A strategy I would recommend in your case would be to create users that have the specific permissions they need, and with a password they control. This will prevent your need to copy this configuration around everywhere.



John Skarbek


On December 13, 2016 at 07:44:41, Den Cowboy (dencowboy hotmail com) wrote:



I've installed openshift 1.3.2 for the first time with atomic as OS. It went fine.
I used one normal centos as installation-server (so there ansible was installed and I executed the playbook there).


Now is my question. What is the best way to interact with my environment.

I've installed the oc-client tools on the centos server and I use ./oc login https://192.xx.xx.xx:8443 to authenticate.
But when I want to authenticate as system:admin I need the $KUBECONFIG (admin.kubeconfig). Is it a normal approach to copy this file from my os-master (atomic) to my centos server from which I try to manage everything?

Or do I need to install the client tools on my master itself? What is the most common approach?



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