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Re: what is meaning of openshift_hosted_logging_hostname

On 12/15/2016 01:59 PM, Den Cowboy wrote:

Hi, I saw this option in the ansible playbook example:


1) What is the meaning of this viarable: openshift_hosted_logging_hostname?

This is the external hostname with which you will access kibana. This hostname should either have a DNS entry for the external IP address of the OpenShift master node, or you can hack it with /etc/hosts, or possibly xip.io.

2) I tried to deploy the logging project with ansible. All the pods seems to deploy fine but I see things like:

logging-kibana has containers without health checks, which ensure your application is running correctly.

Yeah, we need to add health checks, but those errors/warnings are benign.

+ my route to kibana is:

https://logging-kibana-logging.apps.xx.xx <https://logging-kibana-logging.apps.>

What route?

+ gives: invalid request: missed required parameter... (don't know why it's putting logging- before the kibana).

What gives?  What command are you using?

This are my variables in the playbook.



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