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Re: Hov to install mod_auth_kerb and modify configuration file for apache for applications of console.itos.redhat.com

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 10:04 PM, Fengshuang Tan <ftan redhat com> wrote:

Now I need to kerberize application[2] in openshift[1], I have got the kerberos keytab, I have to install module mod_auth_kerb firstly and then modify apache configuration file to use this module, I don't have permission, could you please give me some help on it, thank you!

Hi Tan,

I see you're referring to an OpenShift 2 environment.  In OpenShift 3 (the current origin codebase) the way traffic can be routed to your application is a lot more flexible.  Since this list is primarily used for discussions around the current version of origin I'll ask around to see if we can find someone to help.



[1] https://console.itos.redhat.com/console/applications
[2] account-manager-stage.app.eng.rdu2.redhat.com

Fengshuang Tan

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