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Re: Persistent Volumes

Yes, you can re-use the same volume by not deleting the PVC.  The lifecycle of a claim is independent of a pod's lifecycle.  You can create and delete pods all day long using the same claim, but once you delete the claim, you are relinquishing your hold on that volume, hence it is Released.


On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 8:08 AM, Alejandro Nieto Boza <ale90nb gmail com> wrote:

I create the following NFS PV in Openshift:

apiVersion: "v1"
kind: "PersistentVolume"
  name: "pv01"
    storage: "5Gi"
    - "ReadWriteOnce"
    path: "/mnt"
   server: "..."

Then, I create a pod with mysql-persistent-template and the pod uses correctly the PV and the PV appears "Bound". 
Now I delete the pod and the PVC. When I delete the PVC the PV appears "Released". 
Now I want to launch the same template mysql-persistent and I want the new pod uses the same PV but the PV doesn't appear "Available" again.
Is there any way to use the same volume?


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