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Re: Enabling Cluster Metrics

That seems to indicate that inside the deployment container DNS is not working.  Can you do the following to check:

    oc run --image centos:7 test --generator=run-pod/v1 --restart=Never -- curl https://kubernetes
    oc logs test

And then

    oc run --image centos:7 test2 --generator=run-pod/v1 --restart=Never -- cat /etc/resolv.conf
    oc logs test2

The latter should have a nameserver pointing to the master by its service IP - the command:

    oc get svc/kubernetes -n default

Should show that same IP

On Feb 10, 2016, at 7:39 AM, Alejandro Nieto Boza <ale90nb gmail com> wrote:


I've been following the following steps to deploy metrics:

When I run the following command:

oc process -f metrics.yaml -v \
| oc create -f -

I get the following error:

Creating the Cassandra Certificate Secrets configuration json file
+++ base64
++++ echo hawkular-cassandra
+++ base64 -w 0 /etc/deploy/_output/hawkular-cassandra.truststore
+++ base64
++++ echo RjR--747mUzmTS-
+++ base64 -w 0 /etc/deploy/_output/hawkular-cassandra.pem
++ echo
++ echo 'Creating the Cassandra Certificate Secrets configuration json file'
++ cat
+++ base64 -w 0 /etc/deploy/_output/hawkular-cassandra.cert
+++ base64 -w 0 /etc/deploy/_output/hawkular-cassandra-ca.cert
Creating Hawkular Metrics & Cassandra Secrets
++ echo 'Creating Hawkular Metrics & Cassandra Secrets'
++ oc create -f /etc/deploy/_output/hawkular-metrics-secrets.json
unable to connect to a server to handle "secrets": Get https://kubernetes.default.svc:443/api: dial tcp: lookup kubernetes.default.svc: no such host

# oc get pods
NAME                     READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
metrics-deployer-7gcpd   0/1       Error     0          39m

How can I know if my kubernetes master URL is https://kubernetes.default.svc:443 or is another URL?

My Openshift installation isn't an update.
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