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Re: OpenShift Ansible install - multiple masters w/ "native" HAproxy -- location of "/etc/origin/htpasswd" ? "etcd" alternative ?

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 4:12 PM, Florian Daniel Otel <florian otel gmail com> wrote:
Hi all, 

Have a rather dunmy question (or at least it feels like that :)) 

In case of the OSE setup with multiple masters using "native" HA (i.e. HAproxy) (as detailed here) when "openshift_master_identity_providers"  is set to "htpasswd_auth" , do I need to manually keep in sync the "/etc/origin/htpasswd" between master nodes whenever users are added / removed ? 

Is there any alternative that uses the backend "etcd" for that ?  (can't find that option after a quick browse). 

No, all of the other solutions would require an external source of Authentication (LDAP, OpenID Connect, Github, Google). One could configure an etcd based auth service and use Basic Auth or Remote Header Auth though.



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Jason DeTiberus

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