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Re: I am trying OpenShift origin, I cannot create application

older versions of oc new-app communicate (or attempt to communicate) directory with the dockerhub registry, which is probably why you're having a failure (it's not going through the docker daemon so it's not using the proxy you configured there).

The latest versions of oc new-app actually go through the openshift api server to do registry lookups, so if you're in a position to update to the latest client and master, you could try that.

Otherwise i'm not sure we currently have a way to configure a proxy for new-app to use when talking to a registry, unless the golang libraries implicitly support the semi-standard HTTP_PROXY/HTTPS_PROXY env variables.

Clayton do you happen to know?  I'm surprised this would be the first time this would come up.

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 10:29 AM, benjamin <benjaminrtz gmail com> wrote:

I am trying OO on a RHEL Atomic Host. I spun up OO master as a
container following this guide

After attaching a shell to the Master Container, I cannot deploy an
app following the "Try it out" steps

# oc new-app openshift/deployment-example
error: can't look up Docker image "openshift/deployment-example":
Internal  error occurred: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/:
net/htt p: request canceled while waiting for connection error: no
match for "openshift/deployment-example"

The 'oc new-app' command will match arguments to the following types:

1. Images tagged into image streams in the current project or the
'openshift' project
 - if you don't specify a tag, we'll add ':latest'
2. Images in the Docker Hub, on remote registries, or on the local Docker engine
3. Templates in the current project or the 'openshift' project
4. Git repository URLs or local paths that point to Git repositories

 --allow-missing-images can be used to point to an image that does not
exist yet.

See 'oc new-app -h' for examples.

The host needs proxy to access Internet. I have configured proxy in
/etc/sysconfig/docker and that is how I could pull the origin image in
the same place.

I have tried setting proxy for master and node with luck

benjamin rualthanzauva

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