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F5 router and problems with TLS-routes/OAtuh redirect

I have set up an F5 router  as outlined in the Origin 3.1 docs and it works for all regular http-based connections that I have tried. However, when trying to set up the kibana route from the default aggregated logging deployment template does not work. I can see it make a connection, but nothing is ever returned to the browser. If I curl that logging-kibana service or its endpoint I can see that I get a 302 redirect to the master API for oauth, but through the F5 I never even get the 302 returned. I can directly access the master via the URL given in the redirect, however.

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. I don't see anything in the logs of the kibana-logging pod's proxy container. I've tried setting setting the kibana route to 'tls termination' of edge, unsecure (letting the F5 terminate the ssl), and passthrough (the default of the template).

Anyone out there running an F5 router with Origin v3.1 run in to problems with TLS-secured routes or have thoughts on how to figure out what's gone wrong with this setup?

I appreciate any thoughts as I've spent several hours on this without solutions getting closer.

Robert Wehner

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