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Re: unauthorized trying to deploy docker container

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 5:01 AM, Candide Kemmler <candide intrinsic world> wrote:
I'm trying to deploy a couchdb container on openshift, and have created 3 yaml files to this end:

a persistent volume
a persistent volume claim
a deployment config

(see attached files)

However, I'm getting the following error upon deployment

Failed to pull image "
docker.io/centos/klaemo/couchdb sha256:d33822ecaae2e6247243b24c5c72c525714d77b904105f71679fbad04756bc96
": unauthorized: access to the requested resource is not authorized

The container is hosted on docker's public registry so wondering what this message means...

​I tried pulling that image myself with `docker pull` and got the same error, which means access to the image requires docker hub authentication. You need to create a secret in OpenShift which contains the pull credentials and then reference that secret in the pod defined in your deploymentConfig. Here's some more information about image pull secrets in Kubernetes and OpenShift:


If that's not enough to get you moving, please reach out!

-- Dan

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