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accessing mysql from other pods

I deployed a mysql service with the provided cartridge. It works and I can connect to it  using the Terminal on the pod itself. However, it seems to be inaccessible from other pods. I see that there is no route defined for it; however I don't want to expose it to the outside world, only inside my project.

Also, AFAIK, mysql has its own settings on how it wants to allow outside connections to it and I don't know what the defaults are...

I have the same problems with a couchdb pod that I deployed in the same project: perfectly running inside its own container but invisible from the outside.

Also, this documentation seems to indicate that there is a .cluster.local domain available from within the cluster, but all attempts to ping my services using the provided schemes are failing.

This means I am only able to contact my services using my custom-configured wildcard domain (*.apps.example.com) but outside of it, nothing is working like I would expect.

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