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Vagrant VM - Adding MySQL pod to project fails

I'm trying to add MySQL to a project on the latest openshift origin vagrant vm.  The VM is running great and when I try to add a persistent mysql pod to the project it fails to start.  When I look at the pod i see:

I0217 14:06:42.774987       1 deployer.go:199] Deploying openunison/mysql-openunison-1 for the first time (replicas: 1)
2 I0217 14:06:42.776114       1 recreate.go:126] Scaling openunison/mysql-openunison-1 to 1 before performing acceptance check
3 I0217 14:06:45.026343       1 recreate.go:131] Performing acceptance check of openunison/mysql-openunison-1
4 I0217 14:06:45.026925       1 lifecycle.go:445] Waiting 600 seconds for pods owned by deployment "openunison/mysql-openunison-1" to become ready (checking every 1 seconds; 0 pods previously accepted)
5 F0217 14:16:45.028336       1 deployer.go:69] update acceptor rejected openunison/mysql-openunison-1: pods for deployment "openunison/mysql-openunison-1" took longer than 600 seconds to become ready

When I go to storage the mysql-openunison pod is stuck in "pending".  Any help would be appreciated.


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