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RE: Environment variable in OpenShift


I tried just the same with a new variable: MYVAR. This is no reserved variable. But also this seems not to work.

From: mfojtik redhat com
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2016 12:30:06 +0100
Subject: Re: Environment variable in OpenShift
To: lorenz vanthillo outlook com
CC: users lists openshift redhat com

I think this is because USER is reserved variable (it contains the name of the user that runs the container).
Since in OpenShift the container is running as random UID and the PHP image does not have nss_wrapper
to assign a "name" to the random UID, that variable is empty. We can add nss_wrapper to the image to
populate that var.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 11:59 AM, Lorenz Vanthillo <lorenz vanthillo outlook com> wrote:

I want to show an env var in my docker container. The PHP script looks like this:
  <title>Show Use of environment variables</title>
  print "env is: ".$_ENV["USER"]."\n";
I use OpenShift to start the container (s2i-build). After curling to the service of the PHP - container:
env is: 
Now I change the dc config of my container:
oc env dc/envar USER=Pieter
deploymentconfig "envar" updated
When I access the container. The env var of USER is Pieter
docker exec -it 44a0f446ae36 bash
bash-4.2$ echo $USER
But my script remains showing: "env is:" It does not fill in the variable.

What's the reason for this? The env variable is really there.

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