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Re: pods hanging in "pending" state

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 4:03 PM, Candide Kemmler <candide intrinsic world> wrote:
I have successfully created templates for all 5 microservices in our application but now, at the "deployment" phase, the pod will remain "pending" and even deleting all related objects will not get rid of it and it will remain forever at the bottom of the overview list with an orange circle around it. I can see that the s2i phase completed successfully, the replicationcontroller duly created the pod which was assigned a node, as is shown in the logs:

9:53:18 PM      intrinsic-pds-1-7fohj   Pod     Scheduled       Successfully assigned intrinsic-pds-1-7fohj to apps.intrinsic.world
9:53:18 PM      intrinsic-pds-1 ReplicationController   SuccessfulCreate        Created pod: intrinsic-pds-1-7fohj
9:53:15 PM      intrinsic-pds-1-deploy  Pod     Scheduled       Successfully assigned
ntrinsic-pds-1-deploy to apps.intrinsic.world

The deployment, which will be forever "running" seems to be stuck saying the following:

I0218 20:52:12.846055 1 deployer.go:196] Deploying intrinsic-dev/intrinsic-pds-1 for the first time (replicas: 1)
I0218 20:52:12.848446 1 recreate.go:105] Scaling intrinsic-dev/intrinsic-pds-1 to 1 before performing acceptance check
I0218 20:52:14.909059 1 recreate.go:110] Performing acceptance check of intrinsic-dev/intrinsic-pds-1
I0218 20:52:14.909455 1 lifecycle.go:379] Waiting 600 seconds for pods owned by deployment "intrinsic-dev/intrinsic-pds-1" to become ready (checking every 1 seconds; 0 pods previously accepted)

Other than by destroying the entire project (that works), how can I get rid of these buggy pods and more importantly, how can I debug what's affecting my deployments?

​The deployment is waiting up to 10 minutes to verify that the newly deployed version's first pod is ready before progressing. Do you have​
​any livenessProbe or readinessProbe defined on the pod template inside your deploymentConfig? The output of "oc get dc/​i​ntrinsic-pds -o yaml" would be helpful.

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