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Problems seeing cluster metrics

I am setting up an Origin 3.1 cluster with metrics as outlined at https://docs.openshift.org/latest/install_config/cluster_metrics.html. I think everything is running correctly, but I don't see any metrics in the console at all. 

# oc version
oc v1.1.2-1-gbe558b1
kubernetes v1.2.0-alpha.4-851-g4a65fa

I have all the components set up in the "openshift-infra" project. The heapster pod's logs show that is is scraping the metrics without error and the hawkular-cassandra pod seems to be storing metrics based on the logs. The hawkular-metrics pod also seems to be running fine based on logs and the output of this curl:

# curl -k https://<hawlular_url>/hawkular/metrics/status


The master-config.yaml has been updated with 'metricsPublicURL: https://<hawlular_url>/hawkular/metrics' and the origin-master process bounced. I don't see any errors in the origin-master logs either. I'm not how to create a bearer token for this user/url combination to validate Hawkular further. Since I see no metrics in the console something seems to be off but I'm not sure where to look next to track down the problem. I realize that I'm on pre-release versions, but any ideas on what might be going on?


Robert Wehner

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