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Re: Problems seeing cluster metrics


Am 19-02-2016 18:36, schrieb Robert Wehner:
I am setting up an Origin 3.1 cluster with metrics as outlined at
https://docs.openshift.org/latest/install_config/cluster_metrics.html. I
think everything is running correctly, but I don't see any metrics in
the console at all.

Have you accept the certificate from the hawkular?


The 'box'

If you are using self-signed certificates, remember that the Hawkular Metrics service is hosted under a different hostname and uses different certificates than the console. You may need to explicitly open a browser tab to the value specified in metricsPublicURL and accept that certificate.

To avoid this issue, use certificates which are configured to be acceptable by your browser.

This sentence means that you should call metricsPublicURL in your browser on which you want to see the metrics.


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