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Re: After private Docker registry re-deployment, old ImageStreams still point to old registry -> app (re)deployment fails. How to cleanup ?

On 02/22/2016 07:24 PM, Florian Daniel Otel wrote:
Hello all,

I have the following problem I need some guidance with:

I had to delete and redeploy my private Docker registry.

Yeah, it's still problematic and we track the issue here:
In such situations we recommend recording old registry IP and
re-deploying it with the same IP. If it's not a problem for you
I'd suggest to do just that. This will save you trouble finding
all the places that needs changing. Some guidance is here:

The problem is that for some reason re-deploying new apps --e.g. the ruby
sample app from here
fails since it refers to (and tries to push into) the old private registry.

After a further inspection, it seems I have some old "ImageStreams"
pointing to the old registry, so I need to delete those.

Any guidance on how to do that ?

Actually, no delete is needed, but rather you need to re-import all
the images again, just invoke oc import-image imagestream_name
for every single IS you have.

And, in addition to that, what else do I need to clean up after
re-deploying the Docker registry

Unfortunately the information about last used IS is also stored in
builds and deployments, iirc, not sure about others, though. So if
it's not a problem for you I'd suggest re-deploying the registry
with the previous IP.



P.S. The particular reason I have deleted & re-deployed the Docker registry
was that previous app deployments failed with:

0221 10:41:34.979617       1 sti.go:223] Registry server Address:
I0221 10:41:34.979650       1 sti.go:224] Registry server User Name:
I0221 10:41:34.979662       1 sti.go:225] Registry server Email:
serviceaccount example org
I0221 10:41:34.979672       1 sti.go:230] Registry server Password:
F0221 10:41:34.979703       1 builder.go:185] Error: build error: Failed to
push image. Response from registry is: digest invalid: provided digest did
not match uploaded content

and so far I haven't found a clean way of cleanly removing all images /
blobs from the registry -- even if I am using the "host volume" option. If
there is a easier way to clean those images / blobs up other than deleting
the previous Docker registry alltogether and removing that volume, please
advise. Thanks.


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