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Re: unsupported volume type after update to 1.1.3

Hi Philippe,

Has the claim for this volume been deleted?

There is no recycler for glusterfs, so "no volume plugin matched" would occur when the volume is being reclaimed by the cluster after its release from a claim.


On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 8:46 AM, Philippe Lafoucrière <philippe lafoucriere tech-angels com> wrote:

We have a volume with status = "Failed" after upgrading to 1.1.3.
All our volumes are mounted through glusterfs, and all the others are fine, the issue is just with one of them:

Name:           pv-storage-1
Labels:         <none>
Status:         Failed
Claim:          openshift-infra/metrics-cassandra-1
Reclaim Policy: Recycle
Access Modes:   RWO,RWX
Capacity:       20Gi
Message:        no volume plugin matched
    Type:               Glusterfs (a Glusterfs mount on the host that shares a pod's lifetime)
    EndpointsName:      glusterfs-cluster
    Path:               pv-staging-gemnasium-20G-2
    ReadOnly:           false

/sbin/mount.glusterfs is available on all nodes, and I can mount the volume by hand (everything was working fine before the update).

Any idea to fix this?

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