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Setup openshift origin on Openstack cluster

Hello everyone,

I tried to create a cluster on Openstack. I used command below, openstack heat stack has been created without pb. In the created Neurtron subnet, DNS is and which is correct. But the DNS host created in this cluster (hostname is e2e-dns) use itself as nameserver instead of both itself and the two i provided ( and ), thus it can't access Internet to download package. Is this correct?

bin/cluster create -t origin -n 3 -o image_name=CentOS-7-Generic-Cloud -o external_net=net04_ext -o floating_ip_pool=net04_ext -o master_flavor=m1.medium -o node_flavor=m1.medium -o infra_flavor=m1.medium -o dns=, openstak e2e

I checked the source code, it seems there is dns forward support if the deployment type is enterprise, atomic-enterprise and so on, also it requires the host os as REHL. my deployment type is origin and using centos, anyway workaround?


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