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Registery pod fails to start: unsupported volume type

I setup the registry, as per the docs, to use a persistence storage claim, backed by glusterfs. It seemed to work fine for a while... until I decided to verify that is actually persistent... so I scaled it down to 0, from 1. and ever since I cant start it up again. even rebooted all my 4 nodes... to no avail. The error is always the same:

Unable to mount volumes for pod "docker-registry-4-pghgo_default(ff06c760-deb3-11e5-97b1-005056b72766)": unsupported volume type

I installed the cluster using the ansible playbook method.

How do I find and fix root cause?

[root openshift-1 openshift-ansible]# oc get pod docker-registry-4-pghgo -o yaml | grep -i vol -A3 -B2
        level: s0:c1,c0
    terminationMessagePath: /dev/termination-log
    - mountPath: /registry
      name: registry-storage
    - mountPath: /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount
  serviceAccountName: default
  terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 30
  - emptyDir: {}
    name: registry-storage
  - name: v1
      claimName: claim1
  - name: default-token-h911r
[root openshift-1 openshift-ansible]# oc get pvc
claim1      <none>    Bound     gluster-default-volume   4Gi        RWX           1d
webclaim1   <none>    Bound     web1-volume              4Gi        RWX           1d
[root openshift-1 openshift-ansible]# oc get pv
NAME                     LABELS    CAPACITY   ACCESSMODES   STATUS    CLAIM               REASON    AGE
gluster-default-volume   <none>    4Gi        RWX           Bound     default/claim1                1d
web1-volume              <none>    4Gi        RWX           Bound     default/webclaim1             1d
[root openshift-1 openshift-ansible]#

Thanks a lot,

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