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Re: OSE 3.X upper limits

We recommend no more than 100 containers per node at this time, while
performance issues in Docker and Kubernetes are being sorted out.
There is work on going to increase that to several hundred

You can run many containers in one pod - you should not see a
significant difference between 1 container per pod and 20.  I would
recommend not going over 20 containers per pod, if only because we
haven't extensively tested it.

If you have suitably powerful masters, you can expect to run ~10-30k
pods on ~1k nodes.  You may need to configure your network properly to
ensure that openvswitch can scale to those levels, or choose a static
/ non-openshift-sdn configuration like static route assignment.
Masters use a fair amount of memory at scale - you may need 16-32GB
per master.

If you are running thousands of projects per cluster, you will also
need more memory than that.  Exact numbers are hard to say but ~1GB
per 1k of projects is not unreasonable today (can vary a lot).

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 3:45 PM, Srinivas Naga Kotaru (skotaru)
<skotaru cisco com> wrote:
> What are the upper limits of
> - How many nodes in a single cluster
>        -  How many pods in  a single node
>       -   How many containers in a single POD
> Looking for  practical values which can be used as a baseline for cluster
> design.
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> Srinivas Kotaru
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