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AWS-based installation -- ignored "openshift_public_ip" parameter, wrong "public_ip" in the Ansible install logs

Hello all, 

Based on the setup described here / follow-up: 


Running the Ansible installation in debugging mode  (i.e. with "-vvvv")  reveals that trying to override the public_ip parameter for AWS EC2 instances by setting "openshift_public_ip" to the instance private IP address does not work --  the "public_ip" parameter in the Ansible install log still points out to the (dynamically assigned) public IP of the instance. 

I've even tried to use instances w/o any public IP assigned to them, with all Internet access going through an http / https proxy.  Even in that case, the "public_ip" setting in the logs is set up to that of the http proxy....(????) 

Beyond that point, the problems are as described in my mail above (see also there my ansible hosts file) 

TIA for _any_ help / advise -- running out of ideas....


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